Dallas County Orders and local news on COVID-19

Follow these link to view the official documents and press releases relating to the COVID-19 situation.

COVID Dallas County Zip Code Map 20200408

Map of Confirmed COVID-19 cases per zip code as of 4/8/2020

State Situation Report Header

April 9: State of Texas COVID-19 Situation Report

Test Results

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April 9th: Dallas County News Release on COVID-19

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April 8th: Judge Jenkins Issues Updated COVID-19 Order

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April 8th: Dallas County COVID-19 News Release & Summary of Pandemic Deaths

Dallas County COVID-19 Data: News Release, Summary, Map, Positive Case Race/Ethnicity Background

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Dallas County has issued several items related to COVID-19 and we are providing you with links to this information followed by an abstract of their news release that is also included in these links.

Dallas County’s April 7th COVID-19 News Release reports 106 new cases in the county.  Click on this link to view 

Every Tuesday and Thursday Dallas County puts out a comprehensive COVID-19 summary which also includes cases by city:  Click here for the most current summary issued April 7, 2020

Dallas County also takes the case numbers and arranges them in a map by zip code. Click here for the April 6th map.

Finally, Dallas County has forwarded a chart showing COVID-19 cases in the county broken down by Race/Ethnicity. This is the first that we’ve seen of this type of breakdown.

Please note, that while we consistently share this County data, some have been using it to come to inaccurate conclusions. We spoke directly to Judge Clay Jenkins and the other key County Officials leading the COVID-19 fight on Monday and informed them that some residents are using the case numbers like scorecards to determine compliance or success of a city.  We were told that going by numbers and city boundaries to judge a city’s compliance or response is totally inaccurate and shows a lack of understanding about how pandemics work. A pandemic knows no geographical boundaries and the situation needs to be viewed in a much broader regional sense. Case numbers will constantly change and shift within a region. Additionally, all of the cities in Dallas County are operating under the same exact orders (Governor’s Orders, County Orders, and identical City Orders) and are taking the same containment and enforcement steps. All encounter the same challenges and limits. The fight is coordinated and uniform.

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You can view Judge Jenkins Amended April 6th COVID-19 Order for Dallas County by clicking the links below:

Amended Order April 6, 2020

Summary of changes 

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Dallas County has issued its COVID-19 News Release for Sunday, April 5th, reporting 97 newly identified cases of Coronavirus within the county.

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Here is the Texas Division of Emergency Management Statewide COVID-19 Summary for April 4th 

Dallas County Header 4-2-2020

April 2nd: Judge & Communities Foundation of Texas Start Dallas County COVID-19 Response FundCounty Header April 1

April 2nd:  Dallas County Reports 100 Additional Positve 2019 Novel Coronvirus (COVID-19) Cases. See the full report here

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You can view the April 2nd COVID-19 News Release from Dallas County on our website:

il 1st: Dallas County Reports 100 New COVID-19 Cases + Case Map By Zip Code From March 31st

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Amended Order of County Judge Jenkins Regarding Long-Term Care Facilities


Texas Division of Emergency Management State Situation Report 3-25-2020

03242020 Dallas Test Closure Header

Dallas Test Centers Hit Daily Capacity on 3-24-2020 and then closed.

March 24th Order Header

Amended Order of County Judge Clay Jenkins 3-24-2020

March 24 Summary Header

3-24-2020 Press Release  - Dallas County Reports 14 Additional Positive COVID-19 cases.

March 23 Amended Header Opens in new windowAmended Shelter In Place Order - March 23, 2020


Frequently Asked Questions with amended order - 3-23-2020

March 24 Summary Header

March 23, 2020/Dallas County Reports 24 Additional Positive 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cases

County Summary Cover March 20

Summary Report of COVID-19 Cases in Dallas County