Projects Updated Quarterly

Project Name: Trees Farm Phase 2
Number of Lots:  110 Residential lots
Project Location: Cockrell Hill Rd., south of Parkerville Rd.
Project Status: Construction
Developer: Bloomfield Homes, LLP

Project Name: Homestead at Daniel Farm Phase 2
Number of Lots:  112 Residential lots
Project Location: Danieldale Rd., south of Bolton Boone Dr.
Project Status: Design
Developer: Wildwood Development

Project Name: Hidden Lakes Estates
Number of Lots:  106 Residential lots
Project Location: East of Parkerville Rd. and west of Franklin St.
Project Status: Construction 
Developer: Alluvium Development 

Project Name: Ten Mile Creek Estates Phase 3C
Number of Lots:  89 Residential Lots
Project Location: East of Duncanville Rd. and North of Pleasant Run Rd. Intersection
Project Status: Construction

Developer: Harlan Properties, Inc. 

Project Name: Parkerville Meadows Phase 3
Number of Lots:  112 Residential Lots
Project Location: South of Parkerville Rd. off Wentwood Dr.
Project Status:
Developer: Kapsen Development Group, LLC

Project Name: Summit Parks Phase 3
Number of Lots:  58 Residential Lots
Project Location: North of Belt Line Rd., between Westmoreland Rd. and Hampton Rd.
Project Status:
Developer: Alluvium Development

Project Name: Kentsdale Farm Phase 4
Number of Lots:  54 Residential Lots
Project Location: East of Cockrell Hill, south of Parkerville Rd. off Kentsdale Ln.
Project Status:
Developer: Wildwood Development

Project Name: Christarm WinWin Addition
Number of Lots:  5 Residential Lots
Project Location: East of Hampton Rd., north side of Parkerville Rd., just west of Terrace Dr.
Project Status:
Developer: Christarm Custom Homes, LLC

Project Name: Terrace Drive Duplexes
Number of Lots:  3 Duplex Lots
Project Location: East of Terrace Dr., north of Parkerville Rd.
Project Status:
Developer: Derrick Barker