DeSoto Dining and Dialogue

Next DeSoto Dining & Dialogue Dinner to be announced.

De Soto Dining and Dialogue event Contact Information
Kathy Jones
Guest Committee Chairperson

For more than ten years, DeSoto Dining and Dialogue has brought together people of various ages and backgrounds to discuss making DeSoto a more vibrant place for all.  By connecting neighbors, the program seeks to build relationships among people from different backgrounds with the ultimate goal of sharing experiences and building a strong community; regardless of color, culture or class.  

The purpose of DeSoto Dining and Dialogue (DDD) is to bring together a group of strangers who all have something in common.  They all live or work in DeSoto and care about their community.  DDD is a volunteer-run organization that provides individuals of all ages (including high school students) the opportunity to get to know one another at dinner events with 8 to 10 participants.   These dinners are held twice a year in private homes, churches or restaurants all over town on the same night.  The discussion is lead by a trained facilitator who guides participants through questions designed to elicit thoughts and opinions on issues facing our community.
DeSoto Dining and Dialogue is primarily successful because families are willing to open their homes and host, at their own expense, a dinner for a diverse group of citizens.  Facilitators and other volunteers willingly give of their time and expertise because they believe in the program.  Without the generous support of these and other volunteer hosts and facilitators, DeSoto Dining and Dialogue could not continue.  However, there is one more vital piece that is needed to keep the program strong.  DeSoto Dining and Dialogue needs continuing community participation which means that we need committed citizens like you to participate in the program as guests.  There’s no cost to be a guest and all you have to do is agree to attend the dinner and engage in the discussion.  

To attend the next dinner event as a guest, please register by logging onto the DDD website at   Just fill out the guest registration form or call Kathy (Maples) Jones at 972.230.9648 to register by phone.  Once registered, you will be assigned to a dinner table and you'll receive an invitation in the mail to the dinner about two weeks prior to the dinner event.  

Join us in building a strong community by registering to attend the dinner.  For more information on the DeSoto Dining and Dialogue Program, please call Kathy Jones at 972.230.9648.